Operational Research

There is an urgent need for this type of research throughout Africa and in particular in our region. Our hope is that the Eye Institute will fulfill the following 3 overlapping functions:

  • Serve in its own right as a research centre,

    • to help us better understand the true magnitude and local characteristics of all the major causes of visual impairment and blindness in our region;

    • to initiate and promote locally driven solutions and strategies to address the multi-faceted challenges of needless blindness and visual impairment in our region.

    • to test some of the solutions that have been successfully tried elsewhere, in our own settings;

  • Serve as a collaborative Centre to serve as host, promoter, catalyst, technical and scientific facilitator of operational research in the region, in the areas of blindness or visual impairment, as well as in the many other areas of ophthalmic practice in Africa for which much needed sustainable “African solutions” are still waiting to be found and applied.

  • Serve as a Centre to test and promote the use of modern technologies (Telemedicine, tele-education and e-learning, use of mobile phones) in the diagnosis, management and follow up of sight threatening eye conditions.

A preliminary list of priority research areas and topics is currently being developed and will be posted as soon as it is finalised.

Blindness survey in the field
Computer use for better eye health
Back of the eye exam with mobiles
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Computer use for better eye health